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Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Binding the Word blog! 

Before submitting your piece to,

please be sure to read the guidelines below.

Why We Write

Binding the Word exists to encourage women to store up God’s Word in their hearts, to understand more of who He is, and to exemplify Christ in their daily lives. We believe that we can offer encouragement through the the things that we write about. 

You'll find that we are drawn to pieces that are based on Scripture, and use Bible references frequently throughout the piece. We appreciate the use of story to enhance the content of the post, but please know that our blog editors strongly believe that all stories we publish should ultimately assist the reader by pointing to the gospel.

Editing Process

We can’t accept every post submitted, but we do commit to:

  • Reading and prayerfully considering each submission

  • Editing in a process and manner that respects the author’s intent

  • Communicating with the author regarding submissions, and informing them if and when a post will be published

  • We will only accept original content that has not been published anywhere else, including your personal blog.

  • As we work through the editing process, we will not take away from the author’s story or writing voice, but we may seek to enhance posts to help them fit with the Binding the Word mission and vision.

  • Submissions will be checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation and we reserve the right to make changes we see necessary. We may alter the title to enhance it or communicate the tone more clearly.

  • We are only able to receive posts that have been proof-read and edited, so we highly encourage you to ask one or two other people you trust to read and proof your submission. The editing process is often time-consuming, so we are seeking content that is clear, easy to read, and requires minimal editing and formatting.

  • Before you submit an article, please ensure that the content flows smoothly and that the transition between paragraphs is clear and uncluttered.

  • Unfortunately, if we receive a submission that appears unedited, we will determine immediately that we cannot publish it.


  • If you wish something to be used as a heading for a new section, include that information: For example: “Jesus Changed My Life (new section heading)”

  • Please be conservative in your use of italics and bold words.

  • Do not use all caps for any reason. Do not include any emojis or hashtags in your submission.

  • All Scripture referenced or included in the article, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, must be cited and properly referenced.

  • For the sake of continuity for our blog readers, it is possible that we may edit the translation of the Scripture you include. We most often utilize ESV. Please note that Binding the Word does not utilize paraphrases of the Bible, such as The Passion Translation or The Message.

  • Please keep your article or essay between 600-2000 words. (Tools like Word Counter are very helpful.)

  • If you do not have a title for your piece, that is okay. We’re happy to look at articles titled “TBD”.


We accept submissions related to:

  • Bible reading and Bible study encouragement

  • Devotional material on specific passages of Scripture

  • Theology

  • Motherhood and parenting

  • Christian friendship

  • Singleness as a Christian woman

  • Marriage

  • Christian lifestyle encouragement

  • Grief and loss

  • Faith-based inspirational

Where to Submit

You can submit your piece by sending it to our email address, or sharing a google document to that address.

Thank you again for your desire to bless and encourage the Binding the Word community.

We look forward to reading your submission! Our prayer is that God blesses your writing and that you will be gifted with many opportunities to bring hope to women through the ministry of your written words.

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